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2012 March

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After eight years, my website has finally been upgraded! Not that I’m a procrastinator or anything, but finding the right person to design my site and transfer my old site over while maintaining my SEO was tricky. Seems as though some of the older website hosting companies do not want to make it easy for their old customers to exit. I would like to thank my friend Dan Blanchfield for accomplishing this!

In this blog I will try to keep things light, interesting for all, and informative on subjects that I am an authority on. I promise not to become politically polarized as this is the best way to make enemies! I am a piano tuner, technician, rebuilder, and installer of electromechanical player systems that can be installed on pianos. But through the thirty five years of tuning pianos in people’s home I have had the privilege of getting to know many families, and have watched children grow up to adults and start families of their own. ┬áBy touching people’s lives in a musical sense I feel I share at least one thing in common with all my customers: The love for music. No words can describe how positive an impact music can have on someone’s life.

I will be blogging regularly-please visit often!